Specializing in Family Tree photos and slide presentations

Photo Retouching   

  • Remove blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Remove hair barrettes, strings and correct hair color.
  • Emphasize eyes, remove red eye, build lashes, remove creases and soften tears.
  • Reshape and resize, or remove tattoos and correct skin texture.
  • Enlarge, saturate or enhance lip color.
  • Brighten smile, resize or reshape teeth.
  • Spot removal, color change or correction.
  • Change background, remove or add objects.
  • SlideShow of your photos


  • Recreate missing parts of image; remove scratches, tears, rips and cracks.
  • Cleanup picture, remove dust, mold, change print texture, film grain and pinholes.
  • Improve color tone, revive faded images, and colorize black-and-white photos.
  • Digital reshaping or removal of facial structure.
  • Correct over and underexposed images, enhance contrast and adjust tonality.
  • Remove or add objects of background or foreground and reverse composition.

Photo DVD/Slideshow

  • Recreate a DVD of your photos that can be played in your DVD player.
  • Each photo will be timed for automatic transition.
  • Slideshow will be set to music of your choice.
  • Each slide/photo can include statistical information on each photo, such as date taken, birth & death.
  • This is a good way to preserve Family Tree information.
  • Family Tree information can be listed in succession of tree order.

All Services and fees will vary depending on each individual photo and from
project to project.


High quality retouching requires large size high-resolution image files (at least 300 dpi). Photo should have good sharp focus and contrast. If you need a retouching or digital reshaping of faces, we need a close-up portrait. Please be specific as to how you plan to use the portrait and what changes you are looking for, (portfolio, or just personal use, and physical changes or removals of any kind).

If you do not have a scanner, please take your photo to your nearest
Kinkos, Costco, Walgreens, Walmart, etc, and let them digitally scan the photos for you, saving them to CD for easy upload to our site. Please make them aware that you need the resolution at 300 dpi or higher.
You may submit your photos to our server for restoration at:
mail@iowaroseproductions.com or request an alternative method of delivery.

We have the capability to convert your photos, memory stick and SD cards to high quality digital files. You may request a mailing address at
mail@iowaroseproductions.com at this time.
A address will be available online soon. Phone
We will return your photos, or cards immediately after scanned. Please send them certified mail as we are not responsible for lost mail.

Or email us at: mail@iowaroseproductions.com with your file names and your directions for each photo. (Please specify how you would like your photo returned or if you would like prints or a digitally saved CD mailed to you).

You will receive a quote within 48 hours, (usually less) of when we see your photo. Payment should be made through PayPal. Average photo retouching job costs $40 per hour depending on the work to be done. You will have a chance to preview our proof prior to accepting a final photo. Your final updated image will be mailed to you via certified mail unless you otherwise state. Mailing will be approximately 3 to 5 business days, after notification of your payment. Rush delivery is available upon request and would be next business day. Rush delivery is a +20% additional charge based on the total amount of your sale


  • Price depends on quality of your photo, complexity of work and your specific requirements.
  • Average photo retouching job costs are $40 per hour depending on the work to be done.
  • Results are available as a digital file (downloadable, cost included in above).
  • Recording on CD: $10 plus shipping.
  • Printing price: $20 per sheet (4 prints 4 x 5,  2 prints 5 x 7, 1 print 8 x 10, or 9 billfolds).
  • Specify how many prints, size and finish you would like, (gloss or matte).
  • We will provide volume discount for orders of more than 5 sheets.
  • Shipping & handling - 14% of your total cost of prints, (envelope no larger then 8 x 10).
  • Delivery certified mail - 10 business days after confirmation of your payment.
  • "Rush" delivery available upon request will include $25.00 per order.
  • You will have an opportunity to review our proof prior to a release of a digital file.
  • Most retouching / restoration can be done in just an hour or two.
  • Medium and Maximum touch-ups are extra ordinary circumstances.
  • Photo Slideshow price depends on quantity of photos to be included.
  • Slideshow price depends on use of royalty free or royalty paid background music.


Minor Touch-ups:
Minor Touch-ups:

Minor touch-ups:

Background watermarks, cracks, tears, and color fading. $40/ each photo.

$ 40.00
Medium Touch-Ups:
Medium Touch-Ups:

Medium touch-ups:

Changing color in background or foreground, deleting objects from background or foreground. Reshape and resize or remove piercing and tattoos and correct skin texture. $60/ each photo.

$ 60.00
Maximum Touch-ups:
Maximum Touch-ups:

Maximum touch-ups:

Emphasize eyes, remove red eye, build lashes, remove creases and soften tears. Enlarge, saturate or enhance lip color. Brighten smile,resize or reshape teeth. Digital reshaping or removal of facial structure. $80/ each photo.

$ 80.00


If you would like an archive of the finished images, you must request a disk at an additional charge of $10.00 each.

$ 10.00
Print Requests
Print Requests

Print Request

If you would like a print of your finished images, you must request them per 8 x 11 page size at an additional charge of $20.00 a sheet.

1 =8x11
2 =5x7's
4 =4 ½ x 5's
6 = 3 x 5's
8 = 2 x 4's
12 = Billfolds
$ 20.00
Rush Delivery
Rush Delivery

Rush Delivery

You have the option of rush delivery (overnight) at a cost of $25.00 per order.

Regular Delivery - 5-Day
Rush Delivery - Overnight
$ 0.00
Delivery Method
Delivery Method

Delivery Method

You have the option of delivery method of either United States Postal Service or United Parcel Service however, with either option a tracking system will be required.

$ 0.00
DVD Slideshow of Photos
DVD Slideshow of Photos

DVD Slideshow of Photos

If you would like a DVD Slideshow of your photos cost is $50 per DVD with a cost of $20 each additional DVD of same slide show. 15 photos or less. More than 15 photos is considered 2 DVD’s.

1-15 Photos
16-30 Photos
31-45 Photos
46-60 Photos
61-75 Photos
76-90 Photos
91-105 Photos
$ 0.00
History Added to Slideshow
History Added to Slideshow
You may request that individual Family History be added to your slideshow video presentation for an extra charge. Charges may vary depending on the amount of content that is added to each photo slide.
1 to 10 Slides
11 to 21 Slides
22 to 33 Slides
34 to 44 Slides
45 to 55 Slides
$ 20.00