Why Can’t Everyone Just Get Along

Get Along

As life goes on and on, some of us wonder why can't everyone just get along! It seems as though some individuals just keep coming up with reasons to fight or wreak havoc on someone else! Reasons like, just because someone’s skin color is different, or because they have different beliefs. Why do we always have to be better then someone else? Why do we always have to be superior or stronger then the next person? Why do those who think they are better than the next person have to be in control? This has been going on for decades! Why is it so important or better yet why does the minority of the population think that they have to be in control or be right when the rest think it is so trivial?

It is so sad there are so many people, corporations, and government that think power/money are more important than life!

Maybe we all should think long and hard about everything before we go to the polls next year. We need to really think what is best for the country instead of what is best for us as individuals! Our country is going to hell in a hand basket very quickly and our children and grandchildren may not have anything to look forward to in their lifetime. The only thing at this present time they have to look forward to is not having any freedoms at all and having more debit than they will ever be able to pay.

Over the last ten-years we have lost our right to privacy, even in our own home or yard we're being watched. Why, as long as we are not abusing someone, (children, elderly, etc.)! We should be left alone from government control, but we are not. There presently are satellites in the sky that record every move we make. We could not go out into our own yards, with a seven-foot high privacy fence, and sunbathing in the nude, if we wanted to with out being watched! This is so sad; that we, the people have let this happen! We just sit back and do not speak out.

The government has taken all our privacies away, they can see us anywhere, take pictures anytime, and invade our lives anytime! Talk about invasion of our privacy! How much of our freedoms are we willing to give up to corporations and the government before we are willing to stand firm. Reminding them that they work for us, we did not elect them to control our every move and tell us that we are not even able to eat the food that we choose, by making dumb laws preventing health advocates from selling us the organic food we want without a darn prescription? Can you believe what we have come to in order that we need a prescription to eat organic foods and supplements? How bizarre is that?

The so called, wholesome country the the US is suppose to have lost all moral standards! Young women (ages under 14) do not seem to care how many different men see them nude, and violate their bodies. Half of them do not even know who their babies' fathers are or even care. Young men the same age, have no sense of responsibility at all for their children. All they want is what they call the fun of the sex! What kind of morals is our country leaving for our children and grandchildren? The babies the 14 year olds and younger are having is the generation that everyone should feel really bad for! We also did not elect any government officials to invade our homes and tell us they know better then we on how to live, teach and raise our children. This should only be done in extreme situations such as abuse, and abuse that can be seen and proven.

People do not care whether or not they hurt, lame or kill others, just as long as they get their way! Our court system does not uphold the laws, they instead mold it to their way of thinking. The Constitution of the United States, the Ten Commandments, (all of which this country was built around) mean absolutely nothing anymore to some.
A lot of the US population, (a larger portion than is ever written about) is sick about the way things are headed, however, no one wants to stand up and be heard by voting for a President that wants to bring back some basic moral values into our country. We need to put into office those officials who believe in how this country was built. The basic moral values that are needed for continued survival of the free United States. This does not mean intimidating anyone who is different then the rest, who chooses a different lifestyle in the confines of their own home or has different religious beliefs as long as they are not hurting anyone but themselves.

We should be able to come together as a country, (in this time of great need) put aside all our differences long enough to make a smart decision in the up coming elections, to choose the candidates that will put the country and our children back on track to a sane and moral society. It's the children who will suffer, we will be dead and gone when this country is destroyed and they will be left to clean up the mess!