The Fitness Craze

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The world today is Fitness Crazy in a way that has made the industry grow by leaps and bounds during the last ten to fifteen years. The industry is growing continually and may never stop. Many people view fitness as a major contributor to a healthy way of life.

People begin a fitness program for many reasons. Two of the major reasons are for health or physical appearance. People of all shapes and sizes flock to gyms, YMCA's and specialty health clubs so they can have that so called Hollywood Look. Many of these people become disappointed with the results of fat loss, muscle toning and the many pills that claim to work to eliminate the appetite. Many advertisements glorify the actual effects of such programs.

The amount of dollars spent per year in the industry on gimmicks, claims and equipment have soared over the past 10 years. The last dollar figure made public was over 33 billion, which include products, services and surgeries. Health club memberships have climbed over 50%. The dollars spent on home equipment is over 4.8 billion and over 50,000 people a year turn to surgery. (Snead, "The Truths and Myths of Weight Loss: The Scientific Evidence," preview, on the web).

In our society, many ideas exist concerning physical appearance. Many claims for weight loss and good looks come from gimmicks, diet pills and programs that glorify the actual truth. The claims are based on, having money to stick to it, and a specific life style. Most people do not have the pocketbooks that will out last the time needed for success. Beliefs regarding how we should look are based on the looks of the few people who are found in these advertisements. Most of these individuals have never had a weight problem during their lifetime.

The vast majority of people who try these methods are usually disappointed with the results. The companies are only concerned with making money. Very little thought goes into the disappointment by the individuals that try them. I am one person who knows this disappointment. I have spent thousands of dollars to become thin and healthy. I have tried numerous gimmicks and weight loss programs. They vary from Physicians Weight Loss Centers, Weight Watchers, Nutri System, the doctor supervised Omni Diet and of course numerous over-the-counter diet products. None of which worked for me because I could never afford the food that they wanted to sell me for very long.

All of these suppliers have made claims which link their products to case studies, however, none seem to consider the many overweight people in our society who have medical problems, life style and financial status that may prevent their success. Some of these medical problems can range from diabetes, adrenal gland, thyroid and hormone disorders.

Being healthy is expensive and most annual incomes could never hope to afford this type of expense. The Food and Drug Administration, the Government and the pharmaceutical companies know this. This is why they are trying to take away our right to natural cures. Simple food such as tomato juice, green tropical plants and many others. They want to try and continue to keep us unhealthy and over weight from all the addictive chemicals that is put into our food. Chemicals they say helps prevent spoilage and disease.

Better Homes and Gardens Woman's Health and Medical Guide: has reported many things which regulates a woman's weight and size. The Guide states that metabolism, thyroid disorders, and sugar insulin imbalances can cause excessive weight or under weight in a women. (Patricia J. Cooper, Ph.D. 46, 47, 50, 62, 621).

Do any success claims exist for these people? Of Course, case studies have been performed on such products, but were any of these people over-weight since birth or were they all thin until they had become adults? These are questions we should all ask ourselves before we attempt such programs.

Do we have any research available to the public that exists on those who have been overweight all their lives verses those who have only been a few pounds overweight for only a few years? All the product claims, glorify the product to try to make it better than the next. The results that are produced to satisfy one person may not work for another. If everyone had the money needed to get in shape, they would look good and be healthy. Since this may put many of these businesses out of business, along with the pharmaceutical and food companies, they would not want the majority of the U.S. to be healthy and informed, because healthy people do not need doctors, and doctors prescribe medicines that come from the pharmaceutical company.

What about the many people that become so obsessed by fitness and exercise to the extent that they tend to over work their bodies. The proper amount of exercise along with the proper nutritional diet is the only way to maintain a balance in our bodies. I know, because this has been the only way for me to finally loose my weight. I now bike 20 miles, 3 to 4 times per week, sometimes more.

Money is the key factor, if you have money then you could hire a nutritionist to cook your meals, plan your eating habits and a personal trainer to make sure you stick to your program, never needing any of these so called gimmicks.

In conclusion, eating a healthier and organic/natural diet with regular exercise is the major key to maintaining a healthy body and good looks. Many excuses not to exercise include time and money. In actuality, we need only approximately thirty minutes per day.